Wednesday, August 30, 2006

what in hades?

still don't like the toothbrush...don't they have floor models to test these things out?

on another topic, i'm a coupon clipping fiend. every sunday morning i rip through the paper to find out what toilet paper or yogurt i can save 20 cents on this week. but, this past sunday i ran into something that can only be described as "what in hades?" there, sandwiched between the coupons for snausages and the cheezy ad for the $24.99 flannel lounge pants was a coupon for a buck off of vodka. what...the average stay at home mom of 2.3 children doesn't have enough problems that she needs to ad a little hard liquor to the mix? i can just imagine the new argument in the cul de sac tonight. honey, i sent you out for the vodka and how could you forget to use the $1 off coupon? how are we going to afford the mortgage now? huh? huh?


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