Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eight Things About Me? Are You Sure You Want To Know?

“For this meme, each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.”

i was tagged by Michele (with only one "l") so here goes (if i can think of eight interesting things).

1. i love cheese, all types pretty much (except blue cheese and this strange chocolate cheese my mom used to buy for my grandma every christmas). i detested swiss as a child, but now i think it might just be my favorite. but heck, why discriminate? i love 'em all. i could definitely live off of fruit and cheese platters...with maybe a little angel food cake thrown in for good measure. i want to delve into cheese making as a new hobby.

2. while we're on food...when i'm pregnant i always crave taco bell "beef" (if you want to call it that) burritos, burger king big "fish" (that's used loosely also) sandwiches, little chocolate donuts (preferably hostess) and fountain cherry coke (the can/bottle just doesn't hold the same allure)

3. just like amy, i have also been called the yard sale/garage sale/coupon/bargain queen. she's not my arch-nemesis or anything. we are just a crime fighting duo, trying to rid the world of the need to pay retail. i have been finding myself slacking a little in this department lately while being at the beck and call of three little souls (all under eight mind you).

4. i absolutely love to cook/bake/can etc. it's fine if that means cooking dinner, as long as i have the week planned ahead of time. otherwise, i hate it. my newest pursuit is filing all my frequently used recipes in a rolodex on my kitchen counter. my eighteen month old's newest pursuit is stealing the cards out of it and hiding them or ripping them to shreds.

5. i was on make the grade on nickelodeon when i was younger. i won...and got to take home $1,000 before the harsh reality of uncle sam and taxes set in at an early age. we have the episode on vhs and my husband likes to watch it periodically for a good chuckle. his favorite was the first time he showed it to the kids. now that they show reruns of it on cable some people still tell me they see me every once and again.

6. we don't have cable so i wouldn't know if i'm on in reruns or not (you see, i'm running out of interesting info so i'm bridging from one to the other)

7. i love music. singing it, playing it, listening to it...yep, all of the above. most of the "dreams i have before i die" hinge upon learning to play more instruments or recording a vocal cd.

8. hmmm, this hasn't been as hard as i thought, but now i think i may be stumped. oh, i'm a convert. i came into the Catholic Church at the age of 18. i have loved every beautiful and blessed minute of it.

well, i did it. and i think without boring you to tears. and now for the tagging. i'm going to step out of my little happy safe place for just a moment and politely tap a few people on the shoulder whom i absolutely love their blogs but they don't know me from the man in the moon. these people are BooMama, Nissa, and Suzanne (thank you for the rapunzel post!). i hope these ladies will humor those whom i know personally with blogs have already been tagged and that would be, well, slightly funny yet highly unfair.


Blogger simplysewn said...

Ok Heather, I'll bring my video if you bring yours. I didn't know you were a convert! Beth

5:28 PM

Blogger amy said...

I must see this video!!! I didn't know this about you, how fun!

3:13 PM

Blogger SuzanneG said...

Fun eight things to read, Heather! Oh, fun, fun....I love memes. Trying to get mine done before next week! Thanks for the tag!

(and you're welcome for the Rapunzel post :) LOL!

8:07 PM


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