Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Visit to Phillie!

my in-laws came for a visit and to do something other than stare at the walls, we took a trip to philadelphia to visit the franklin institute and their king tut exhibit. it was a bit pricey (the king tut exhibit that is, we have a pass for the museum) but it was enjoyable. here's a picture of my husband, kids and in-laws in front of the giant human heart. as you can tell from the picture, my son was covering his ears and totally freaked out by the loud heart noises, but hey, what's a trip to a giant human heart without a picture?


Blogger simplysewn said...

I LOVE the human heart (and so do my kids). We haven't been to Philly for a long time and seeing these pics really make me want to take a field trip. I was just thinking this morning about reading the book I have about St. Katherine Drexel and then look at the connection you made. I better go get that book off the shelf. Beth

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