Tuesday, May 08, 2007


i have discovered my new favorite thing (well, don't i sound like oprah? but rest assured i'm not going to fill a television studio with hundreds of screaming and jumping middle aged women and give them each one.). don't get too excited, it's just a soy candle. i know, whoopity doo da. anyway, they smell fabulous and are soooooooo much cheaper than the "yankmewalletoutohmypurse candles." i can't bring myself to spend $11.95 for 3.5 ounces of anything (hey, isn't that how much gas costs now?). oh, sorry to keep up the suspense. they are local lancaster county, pa candles from the hayden candle company. i was given my first one (warm apple pie) as a gift at new years. we have been using it for each house showing and the scent is terrific and really fills the house. it is almost gone now so i purchased some new ones at Country Creations in strasburg, pa today. my new ones are spiced tea. i can't wait for our open house this sunday so i can burn them. so come one, come all! smell my candles and buy my house!


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