Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OK, Enough Already...I Get It!

well, i'm afraid to ask what will happen next. i think i should just sit here and watch the world go by. you see, today has been, well, one of those days. the kind you look back on and say, "oh my." this morning at 9 am they called and said someone wanted to see the house, we've asked for 24 hour notice, but someone wanted to come at 2...yes, today. so i said "yes." never want to turn down a potential buyer. cleaned like crazy. had to empty the stinky cat box and the mini blinds broke. finally got everything done and went out to the car. the battery was dead. one of the kids had left one of the little extra ceiling lights on...AGAIN! we had to charge it off of our neighbors car for about 20 minutes because it was really dead. it finally started and we headed off to eat lunch with my husband at work, about 2 hours late. we had a nice time at lunch and when we left i was going to kill some time by driving past a couple of homes that were for sale but, we never made it. some guy rear ended me at a stoplight (i still can't figure out why, we were completely stopped and then it was when we started again that he hit me, anyway) so we had to wait about an hour for the police officer to show up. so here i am, finally at home, only 1/2 hour before dinner time, with a cake and 48 cupcakes to bake for my daughter's seventh birthday tomorrow. i offered up my day this morning for some friends of mine who were going to have to face something really difficult today...i should have known the day would be like this. guess that's redemptive suffering in action.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no Heather what a day you had! I'm so sorry. Call me if you need anything ... or a place to hang out sometime during a showing.

7:19 PM


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