Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas..Is Over

...and i'm just finally posting about it. well, you'll need to excuse me as i'm trying to recoup the almost four months of my life i lost with severe morning sickness. i managed to celebrate christmas in the proper time frame but my productivity is still back in late october. please forgive me.

but anyway, without further ado, i bring you...christmas 2009.

ok, it wasn't exactly christmas yet, but we began the month of december celebrating st. nicholas day at our town's winterfest. it is a great family event with food, live music, reindeer
and visits with ol' st. nick himself.
a few days before christmas we received a lovely snowfall of almost two feet. it played havoc with my mother trying to fly in here for her visit, but it made a lovely white christmas and even lovelier snow forts that took up the entire front yard.
we attended christmas eve mass where our oldest sang in the choir
and i actually finished sewing everybody's pajamas before 9pm...it's a record. which was especially good considering they all chose different patterns.
the children awoke christmas morning to find their presents snuggly nestled under "douglas" our fine evergreen friend this year.
and we opened the gifts in front of the crackling fire.
and then we celebrated the new year with a small group of good friends.
oh, and we did celebrate the epiphany after that, but the pictures turned out horribly for some reason. so, i won't entertain you with those. i'm sure you're bothered.

anyway, that's it in a nutshell. at least the cyber part of my life is sort of caught up now. not that it really matters but doing this is so much more enjoyable than cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and lesson planning. :)


Blogger simplysewn said...

Looks like a fun Christmas season! So glad you're posting again (and feeling better).

9:38 AM


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