Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Does A Homeschooler Spell Happiness?


ok, enough with the homeschooling jokes already. yes, of course i know how to spell happiness for real...considering the post title. but, while i was gone today watching our oldest do some irish dancing for the renaissance faire, my dearest husband transformed our dining room from a pit of books and papers into my organizational dream.ok, actually he built the ikea bookcases and i put the stuff on the shelves but he is the one that brought me from my three shelf world that was big enough when we started out five years ago with one little one to today where now i have twelve shelves and three to store school books for. i cannot begin to explain to you the joy it gives me to go down there and know where everything is because wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles...all the books are off the floor...and arranged by child. ahhh, sweet victory. or at least for a few days until the organization goes to the nether-regions in a handbasket. but, at least i'll still have the shelves to shove it on. :)


Blogger Kelly said...

I can't believe all those beautiful curls!!!!

Dining room looks great!

9:28 PM


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