Friday, August 07, 2009

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!!!

remember my friends i told you about some time ago? you know...the ones with the beautiful love story that unfortunately involved being deported and all that stuff? well, they are getting married tomorrow afternoon and i am so excited i can hardly contain myself. i'll post some pictures afterwards. i have know doubt that she is going to be one of the most beautiful brides ever. i am singing for their wedding and i just don't know how i'm going to get through it without being completely in tears. guess i should get them all out now. i did however buy a new dress (ok, actually two, i just couldn't choose) for the occasion. i was also extra thrilled to see i've lost two dress sizes since easter. yippee! that makes 5 or 6 dress sizes down since january. let's hope the trend continues. but anyway, i need to get to bed. tomorrow is going to be a rather long day and i want to make sure i have energy left to party it up!


Blogger Kelly said...

I know the wedding is going to be beautiful and that you are going to sing beautifully! Have a great time! Can't wait to see the pictures!

7:56 AM

Blogger Xia and Isa said...

FINALLY caught up on your blog since b4 Isa was born! I'm glad you post less in the summer :-) The wedding was so awesome and you sang beautifully. Plus, your dress was so cute. Your hard work is definitely paying off - it shows!!

Love ya,
Isa and Xia's Mommy - Stephanie

11:40 AM


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