Sunday, March 29, 2009

That Was A Doozey!

this afternoon we had quite the storm. it came up rather quickly and the sky was completely black as four in the afternoon. when the tornado warning sounded we headed for the basement. but not before getting one of the cars in the garage to escape the golf ball sized hail. this was definitely the largest and the most hail i have seen before. it hailed for at least ten minutes and all of it was that large size. after we were given the all clear i stepped out to snap a few pictures. alot of it had already melted but it was still quite the's one of the two to three inch deep pile of it that was left in front of the garage door.and here's the statue of Mom in the front yard surrounded by the gigantic hail.and finally, all the water rushing through our backyards. it looks like it's pretty deep down there. well, at least we know the new bluebird boxes will withstand some pretty severe weather. we had just gotten the pole they are mounted to into the ground as the storm started. i had also just gotten the lawn fertilized. it looks like it got plenty of water to start its work...that is if it's not plastered onto the sides of the house with all the other mulch and mud that flew up when the hail was pelting down into the ground.


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