Monday, March 23, 2009

Simply Monday - March 23rd

outside my window - it's dark and i think it's supposed to be a bit more chilly today. i could really handle if it just got nice and stayed that way. my sinuses are going crazy.

i am thinking - that i might need to cough up the money and go see a nutritionist. i am working my behind off with this weight loss stuff and it just isn't working that well. i'm kind of at a loss. there is something that just isn't right.

from the learning rooms - we are plugging away and making good progress. i am happy to report that we have included much more science than before and other things still seem to be getting done. i want to start wrangling up stuff for our portfolio so that it doesn't completely overwhelm me in a couple of months.

i am thankful for - a weekend where we didn't have anyplace we had to go or something that we had to do.

from the kitchen - there will be a roast in the crock pot since dd has a meeting that goes late.

i am wearing - a monkey suit and carrying a large banana.

i am reading - nothing really at the moment. i have two books that i have been carrying around with me pretending like i am going to start them but the littlest kids don't seem to nap much anymore and that is making it a bit of a problem.

i am hoping - that we can actually figure out how to grow grass in our mutant backyard. yesterday evening i isolated a patch of grass at the edge of our yard, about a foot in diameter, that i want our entire yard to look like. i hope that maybe it will bring friends.

i am creating - a gift for a birthday thing on saturday, two (yes, now it's two) quilt blocks (i am soooo behind) and Easter dresses for my two daughters and myself. wish me luck...and that my sewing machine doesn't throw a fit. sometimes it just really starts acting up when i need to get alot of stuff done.

i am hearing - my dh searching through the dryer for some clothes for the littlest kids. yes, it's not folded. but it's washed. and really in the whole scope of things, i would deem that as the most important part.

around the house - there is laundry to be folded (obviously) and some to be washed. the kitchen could use a good overhaul but i'm not foreseeing the time for that today.

one of my favorite things - is sleeping in...and i finally got to do it on saturday. it was punctuated of course with many "stops and starts" that began at 5:30am but i did get a bit more sleep and it felt great.

a few plans for the rest of the week - going to see a play at the Catholic high school with the homeschool group, making a bluebird box at the park, gymnastics, irish dance, the dentist and a nature study.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - out of an entire museum of cool stuff...the three year old still gives the best in show award to the "rock" she could sit on.

have a great week and make sure to check out the other entries at peggy's.


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