Monday, March 09, 2009

Simply Monday - March 9th

outside my window - i'm not really sure. it's still dark. but, if it's even partially as lovely as this weekend was...i'll take it.

i am thinking - that i have much sewing to do with the fabric i purchased this weekend, not to mention the fabric i already have in my stash.

from the learning rooms - we have made it through february! hurrah! now just to finish up through march and i think we will be in the clear. i have a few field trips and other things in the works to (hopefully) help facilitate this.

i am thankful for - the little things like conversations and smiles that make life so sweet.

from the kitchen - a menu plan should surface some time today. i usually do it over the weekend but this weekend was crazy!

i am wearing - many hats. today i will don those of teacher, prison warden, chef, jewelry maker and seamstress. the others will stay on the shelf in the closet for future use.

i am reading - "the father brown reader." someone from our homeschool group put together a book program for the kids to do and win prizes. my eight year old had to read a non-saint book by a Catholic author. so, since i thought "actual" chesterton was a little out of her league, i went with this. it's rather nice because they have a free study guide on the website also. that makes for really easy planning and schooling.

i am hoping - that this might actually be the beginning of some spring weather. i am seeing some buds peak their little heads out of the ground and know that they don't want any more snow or subzero temps either.

i am creating - a mental note of in what order i want to tackle my sewing projects. my oldest seems to think i should do the easter dresses first (so that they actually get done by easter) but i think that maybe i should whip up a pair of capris for her first. they will be so quick and easy and it might just be the confidence boost i need. or maybe i should whip up my second quilt block...which was for the month of february by the way. my mind is also stumbling back to that little secret project i talked about quite some time ago. the Lord keeps putting it on my heart and mind so i should really get a move on.

i am hearing - my wonderful husband doing the sometimes painful job of waking up the kids. he does it every morning and i am so grateful. this morning it's even harder because after that time change their little internal clocks are still telling them it's only 5:45 instead of a quarter to seven.

around the house - it is a disaster. we weren't home hardly at all this weekend and that always makes for a really cluttered house. shoes and clothing are left in random places where they were left in one of the frenzies to leave the house on time. there are bags of fabric that need to be put away, or quickly cut out into something and many...many birthday party favor bags to be sorted and put away. the kids between them had three birthday parties to attend this weekend and i need to make sure i get to the bubbles in the one bag before the three year old does.

one of my favorite things - is listening to the birds singing again. they were out in full force in the trees behind the house yesterday and it was music to my ears.

a few plans for the rest of the week - trying to keep it a little laid back with the regular classes and meetings to attend to. praise and worship on tuesday to add into the mix. wednesday is a free day...and i'm already pining for it.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - my first quilt block ever. this is for the virtual quilting bee i have been talking about. it was handed off to the recipient yesterday after mass and i was pleased to find out that mine wasn't the very last one. close...but not the very last.

have a wonderful day and make sure to stop by the other daybooks!


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Wow it sounds like you had a busy weekend. The quilt block turned out great!

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