Monday, January 26, 2009

Simply Monday - January 26th

outside my window - it's dark and according to the weather man, pretty darn cold. we're supposed to have a snow/ice storm starting up and lasting through wednesday. super.

i am thinking - that this is going to be short this morning because i need to take dh to work. we sold his van to the scrapyard on saturday so we are strictly a one car family...hopefully for only a few days.

from the learning rooms - we are getting there. we have much math and science to do, like i said earlier, but we are running out of material in the other topics so i hope it all evens out.

i am thankful for - a home. we are coming up on our one year anniversary of being here and i could not be more thankful for this place.

from the kitchen - not much going on. no baking or anything as not to be a temptation to myself.

i am wearing - the workout clothes. no time for brazen creativity this morning.

i am reading - a couple of books on insulin resistance. maybe this will finally be the key to help me unlock how to get off these pounds and not put more on despite trying my hardest.

i am hoping - that the spots of antifreeze on the ground yesterday at the church were not from our car. it's such a never ending cycle and it gets me so worked up. oh well, i guess the proof will be on the garage floor this morning...or not.

i am creating - yes, still the blog post i referred to last week and a list of warranty items to fax into our builder. when we bought this place last year we got a one year warranty so now i need to fax in stuff that has come apart, dry wall cracks, etc.

i am hearing - my husband doing some sort of organizing/shuffling of papers on the other side of the room. something sounds like audio cassette cases.

around the house - laundry and paper clutter. i need to find a piece of furniture that will house my garbage can underneath it but will hold my bill payer thing and other whatnot on top. anybody have any ideas?

one of my favorite things - is seeing the scale say less than it did yesterday...although i wouldn't know the satisfaction of that yet.

a few plans for the rest of the week - little flowers, spanish, piano, napping on wednesday, gymnastics, dance and if the car holds out through all of that...maryland on friday to visit one of my bestest friends in the world (who also happens to be my oldest's godmother).

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -

have yourself a rip roaring good monday y'all and stop on over to the other great daybook entries.


Anonymous Chris said...

Hi Heather
I'll be praying for your car situation. We've been there more times than I'd like to say!
Were you guys at the march for life? Did you see us there? Wasn't the news coverage incredible?(LOL)

4:27 AM

Blogger momofmhasr said...

We are in the midst of getting rid of our van we smashed up. thankful no one was hurt! Love your picture thought.

5:46 AM

Anonymous Chris said...

me again... I gave you a blog award!

8:19 AM


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