Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Little Family Fun

and when i say little i mean miniature, miniscule, minute and all those other words that mean really small that all start with "mini" and turn on the orthography loving section of my brain which says to myself, "hey self, the prefix min- or mini- must mean small." and to that you all say, "well duh." anywho, a few weeks ago i had a lovely 50% off coupon for the craft store and thought i would pick up a gingerbread house for us to decorate. so, when i stumbled upon thisi thought it would be grand because there are five houses...and five of us. so last night we got it out and realized when they say mini, don't let the picture on the box fool's mini. so mini that i don't think there is any expanse of gingerbread in that box over four inches...and that's being a bit generous. but, despite the size it's a nice kit complete with candy and easy to make icing that actually seems to do what it's supposed to. dry like epoxy. anywho, here are the troops frosting the housesand sticking the candies with careone of the houses got too much snowfall (ie. icing piled) on the roof and accompanied by the addition of three gumdrops loving placed (ie. smashed into the roof) in that snow...the roof collapsed. i am happy to report however with much masonry work from my husband, more frosting and the assurance that a certain little person's house wasn't ruined...all turned out fine. here is the end product.i thought it turned out rather nicely. the kids thought my addition of the fence, trees and walkways was a nice addition. they also got a kick out of the outhouse my husband made, complete with a crescent moon on the front. now they just keep asking when they can eat them all. :)


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So sweet!!!! Pun intended.

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