Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Baaaack...

it's always nice for somebody to go to the creepiness of psycho isn't it? anyway, i've been on a bit of a case you've actually noticed the low volume of posting. this is not to say that during these last few weeks (scratch that)less than two weeks before christmas i'll be posting like the wind or something. cause well, i've still got rosaries to make, gifts to wrap, a few to buy, a tree to purchase and decorate, a house to decorate, company to entertain and various items left to bake and/or cook. but i am going to try and be a little more frequent so i don't have to do another blanket post like the one you are about to endure.

first, while we have hit upon the topic of rosaries, i have posted pics of my rosaries and jewelry over at my flickr account. if you like what you see, let me know...and we'll work out a deal. ;)

now, let's see. first we had the artisan fair. it was a little chaotic at first but things turned out fine and i made a good profit. i forgot to take my camera with me. you can go to michele's to see a picture of my table and a few others. it was a fun day and it is always nice to spend the day chatting with fellow parishioners.

where to go next. how about here...

winterfest! every year the little town we now reside in has winterfest where they close off the entire downtown area and there are local organizations, restaurants, shops, music and all sorts of stuff lining the street. and yes, as you can tell from the was snowing. quite alot. yes, it added to the christmas ambiance but have you ever tried to convince three small children that eating pizza and this mondo stack of french fries (which was a steal at five bucks by the way) is the most fun that they could be having on a friday night? that's not an easy thing to do. and they are even less happy about it when they find out later that two of the local churches were open for you to come INSIDE...OUT OF THE eat. but hey, it makes a good story for them to tell to their kids, right? but despite the cold we had a good time. they had games for the kids, st. nicholas and even a narcoleptic reindeer. and we had...a little girl who was throwing a fit because she lost her gloves and now had gigantic hands (from borrowing daddy's gloves).

then this week porcupine head (or stegosaurus head, depending on how you look at it) had a dance performance at a local nursing home. she enjoyed herself and of course little miss crazy face had to get in on the action too. now come to think of it, that was such a gorgeous tree...i should have had all the kids stand in front of it and pictures. darn. think they would notice if we all randomly showed up in our sunday best, snapped a picture and ran?

and then the little man had what he thought was going to be his last gymnastics class. he really loves this class and so he was overjoyed when he found out that he could start up again in three weeks. i guess we know what the money i made at the artisan fair is going to pay for. that's alright. it's the cheapest gymnastics class we could find and the teachers (a homeschool mom and her daughters) are really top notch and so good with the kids.

and with that, i guess there's only one thing left. that's right. it's what emily has been waiting all week i'm sure you have too. yep, the unveiling of the living room furniture.tada! so what do you think? it's such a step up from the ghetto that used to inhabit our living room. this was our christmas gift from my terrific father and his wife. this was so nice of them and we are really enjoying it. in fact, i took a nap on it the other day and i am pleased to report the virtues of its comfort level.

so there you have it. our week in a nutshell (help, help, i'm stuck in a nutshell). are you worn out? 'cause i am. actually, i spared you the details about the stomach bug this week too. but i thought you would be glad to be spared from any info about that. so far it has only hit one of us and for that i am grateful. we are going to get our tree tomorrow so it can just stay away. i don't think i want that to hit in the middle of the tree farm.


Anonymous amy said...

phew...I'm tired just reading that.
Love the furniture!

4:44 AM


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