Monday, November 17, 2008

Simply Monday - November 17th

for today...

outside my window - it's dark and rather chilly. the weatherman says the high for today is going to be somewhere in the upper thirties. it's quite a stark difference from the unseasonable seventy five degrees we had on saturday. i think it's officially time to get out the winter coats and turn on the heat. darn.

i am thinking - that i need a new winter coat. my old one doesn't fit that well and is one of those puffy kinds that i have to take off to drive the i freeze anyway. i was unaware when i bought it that it's also the popular style among young men and women at a local high school who like to either wear their jeans too tight paired with a tube top showing their midriff or jeans sagging down to their knees so you can see the entirety of their underwear. not really the look i'm going for.

from the learning rooms - we will be plugging away with the promise of next week. a full week off!

i am thankful for - our home and a husband that has a job.

i am wearing - the stiletto heals with the bubble light (there you go emily) and so is my the way. oh, and my exercise clothes. but it was really hard to stay on the elliptical machine in that footwear.

from the kitchen - today hopefully will see the completion of more applesauce and other jellies for christmas gifts. i need to find somewhere to locate peaches because i would like to make peach butter...but finding peaches here in november is like locating a needle in a haystack. anywho, i'm excited to finish up this stuff because i found the cutest little canning jars at the store yesterday. alright, i admit i'm rather upset that they don't show you just a picture of the jar itself so you can marvel at its cuteness. but i'm willing to bet oh, about a nickel, that if you put on your glasses and squinted to see the jar on the box said "awwwww."

i am reading - well, i picked up little women at the library the other day but i can't say that i have begun. i'm a little ashamed to say that i made it through adolescence, high school and four years of college without picking this one up.

i am hoping - to get alot of things completed today...and get a nap. oh, how i love those days when we don't have to leave the house. it seems like we get quite a few of them this week. yippee!

i am creating - a blog post to respond to another recent comment on my blog about this guy and this. and trying to go back to that secret project. i'm setting for myself a deadline of november 30th to have the secret mission completed. wish me luck.

around the house - there are christmas crafts (for gifts) to be completed before they need to be wrapped up and sent to illinois with the free santa express right after thanksgiving. we made it through five children's crafts yesterday...all involving alot of paint...without out altercation. it was a miracle. of course there is also laundry that is crying out my name. but at least laundry means that there are people to wear it. and for that i am grateful.

one of my favorite things - is bed. yep, i'd be lying if i said anything to the contrary. i simply am in love with our mattress and new sheets. these actually displayed a thread count on the package. that's a big step up for us. it's just so cozy and warm when i climb in. i better stop or i'm bound to go back there instead of heading for the shower.

a few plans for the rest of the week - doctor's appointment for me this evening, spanish and piano for the oldest tomorrow and then a whirlwind day of gymnastics, spanish and irish dance on thursday. that's my most unfavorite day of the week. this week there is also a recital at irish dance to figure in. that should add an interesting element to the day. but then friday is free. did someone say three home days in one week? unheard of. :) that makes me so productive already.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - a picture my husband did of himself in a yearbook photo thing on facebook. i believe this way the template for 1989. it's creepy how much it really looks like him in 1989. how did they know? but then 1989, almost every young man looked like "they wished that they had jesse's girl," right?

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