Monday, October 27, 2008

Simply Monday - October 27th

for today...

outside my window - it is still dark but not too chilly this time around. the weather this weekend was rather nice for the end of october but the weather man says it's going to get chilly this afternoon.

i am thinking - that i don't have time to search again for holy cards for the all saints party on saturday. you would think since i ordered them in the middle of last week that the company would have told me before today that they were backordered and they estimate they will be here in thirty days.

from the learning rooms - it's a slow go. last week was a hard one with alot of tears and such between my daughter and i. she is finding this year to be her first experience where she really has to try at schoolwork and has pretty much been operating under the guise that something is wrong and she shouldn't have to try. there are things we have been working on for two weeks now and she is not on iota closer to having them under her belt. i would not expect her to have them down pat in this period of time, but let me restate this...she's not one inch closer. we had a big talk and she promised through tears that she would try as hard as she could while i assured her through tears (i guess we are cut from the same sensitive cloth) that we wanted her here at the house to learn...but that doesn't change the fact that she needs to learn. it was a rough week. i've been feeling like a failure in the schooling arena especially lately. i hope this week starts looking up.

i am thankful for - finally getting the situation with the bug company and the whole theft thing sort of ironed out. they finally agreed to cancel our contract without any penalty. i personally think we should get it in writing. they never acknowledged the theft or apologized or repaid us for the items stolen but since they rarely would take or return our phone calls we decided that we needed to get to the most important part of the deal while we had them talking with us.

from the kitchen - i finally made (some) of the applesauce the other day. unfortunately, it is all still in my refrigerator in containers. i need to take it out this evening, warm it up and can it. then i have some cauliflower that i need to turn into soup and some more apples calling my name. at least dinner will be easy, meatball subs from the crock pot with the homemade meatballs. this also means really yummy sauce that is leftover for the week to be used in the middle of grilled cheese sandwiches and on homemade pizza.

i am wearing - a monkey suit, a ninja outfit and some miscellaneous pieces of indiana jones other words, trying to keep all of my children's halloween costumes within eye shot until they get dressed on friday evening. otherwise, something is bound to walk off to the land of no return and them i'm going to be left to "fix" it.

i am reading - "100 people who are screwing up america" by bernard goldberg. while i don't agree with everything he says and exactly how he thinks the united states should end up, this has been a great read so far. it's shocking to me that he could say the things he does about liberals and such and still have this be a nyt best seller.

i am hoping - that nothing happens this week that isn't already on the schedule. last week was permeated by surprise doctor's appointments that needed to be made and other things that cut into school time and also nap time (which i am the most saddened to report).

i am creating - a small unit study to use this week on the election for the kids. it would be promising if i actually get it finished before next tuesday.

i am hearing - my husband waking up the children and them saying/whining "noooooo, we can't get up while it's still dark. something has to be wrong." hmm, never mind the fact that they get up before dark oh, let's see, every day.

around the house - laundry needs to be done like always. i was going to start a load last night to get a jump on it but our entire development did not have water. i don't know what happened but it went out about seven in the evening. thank the good Lord it is back this morning. at our old house we were out for two days last year and that was not a fun two days for me and the kids at the house all day.

one of my favorite things - is when my husband comes home from work at normal time. he usually works overtime which equates to about a ten or eleven hour day. it's getting old and i'm getting tired. i know i should be thankful he still has a job...i am, trust me. we just need to slow down our weekends so that i can recoup before starting into another marathon week.

a few plans for the rest of the week - little flowers today, spanish and piano tomorrow and hopefully getting some new mums for the front porch (mine went to the great land beyond) at the auction, wednesday is naps, thursday has gymanstics and irish dance, friday...hey, naps prep for trick or treating in the evening and saturday is the all saints party, organized by yours truly.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -
ah, the torture of being made to eat one bite of everything that is on the table...when you swear that you don't like a single one of them.

have a good week, pray for the election and check out the other day book entries over at peggy's.


Blogger Earthmommy said...

Sorry to hear you're having a tough time with school. One thing I have learned in my short time (just under a year) homeschooling is this: relax. If a certain area is a real struggle, take a short break and try again in a few days or a few weeks or so. Sometimes this really, really makes a difference.

I really enjoyed reading your day book. I hope some of your stress will resolve itself, it sounds like you have so much going on!

8:06 AM

Blogger Chez Nous said...

Don't ever feel like a failure. You are blessing your children by homeschooling them in more ways than you will ever know and we all have these little bumps and glitches along the way.

I absolutely agree with earthmommy - relax, take a step back and switch to something else for a few days. Revisit the trouble subject later, perhaps with a different approach and see how that works.

1:39 PM


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