Monday, October 06, 2008

In Case Anyone Is Wondering...

...the itchys were deemed poison ivy by the doctor. since the poor little boy's body is completely covered, he will be taking an oral medication which will hopefully get rid of them quickly. he makes me itchy just looking at him. now to look around the yard and figure out where he got it from. he was two places (not at our house) where there was definitely poison ivy in the past two weeks but the doctor says that there was too much time between any possible exposure there and the time he broke out. who know. i'll probably never figure it out. and on a good note, i found out my daughter doesn't have a meeting this afternoon. i didn't check my paper calendar in conjunction with my mental calendar...and you know which one of those is flawed more often than not. :) so, that means we are home for the rest of the day (except to pick up the little man's prescription). yippee!


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