Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Just Don't Get It

today when i stopped off at the library there was a minivan parked near me. i first saw the bumper sticker on the back that said "catholics for peace." i thought "hey, that's great. somebody actually advertising that they are catholic and they are standing up for peace...how noble." but then my attention turned to the other side of their bumper and where they had another sticker, one that made me wish that they hadn't identified themself as a catholic in the first place. "what did this other placard read?" you ask. it said "obama 08." which led me to my conclusion of "i just don't get it." sure, i understand the desire for peace. frankly i think most of us do. but then pairing that with obama. oh, i know he supposedly stands for peace by his promise to end the war (i'm not here to get into a discussion of the candidates and their foreign policy). i know he supposedly stands for hope (the only hope i have is that he doesn't get elected), although he, nor his supporters seem to be able to flesh out that hope aside from the fact that it makes them hopeful that they are hoping for hope. i love drivel...don't you? i know he stands for change. and alot of the change i am hearing an awful lot about has to do with abortion and funding for planned parenthood from my taxes and making abortion legal no matter who is asking for it and no matter what the circumstances. so, my question to the "catholic for peace" is this. what does this, or this, or this have to do with peace?


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