Monday, September 08, 2008

Simply Monday - September 8th

outside my window - it is not quite daylight yet. you would think i would be purely joyful to have some quiet and watch the sunrise. i'm just wondering what they heck i'm doing up.

i am thinking - that they day has gotten off to a good and pretty much as planned schedule. now if it will just stay that way.

from the learning rooms - today is the first day of school for us. i would like to say that everything is in order and put away on the shelves for eager little hands...but it's strewn all about the kitchen table.

i am thankful for - a husband that just laughs when i refuse to get up for the umpteenth dozen time...and actually stays around to make sure i get up.

from the kitchen - there will be the back to school dinner tonight and hopefully a birthday cake for Mary. happy birthday Mama!

i am wearing - an old Bible camp t-shirt and athletic capris. i already took off my socks and tennis shoes. my feet that are used to being bare wouldn't put up with them any longer. this morning i started my, what i hope to be continuous...only how many more days 'til it becomes a habit, exercising. we have a cheapy elliptical machine in the basement. i couldn't find my handweights (obviously because they have been used so much, right?) so today was just composed of "mock jogging" while watching the morning news and a plethora of crunches.

i am reading - the manual for "spelling power" and the user's guide for "calculadders." riveting! :)

i am hoping - that things go well today and i can find a ride home for my daughter from her little flowers meeting so that i can cook dinner.

i am creating - a rosary with a name in it for someone who ordered one (praise God for somebody buying something!) and still that pesky secret project. wow, i'm slow.

i am hearing - well, it was silence until a little boy awoke to immediately begin playing with a remote control car he won yesterday at our parish carnival. hey, and now there's the garbage truck added into the mix. in the city you only heard garbage trucks on one day because we were all forced to have the same hauler. out here, it seems they are around every morning.

around the house - it is still pretty quiet, except for that one remote control car and the quite clicking of some legos intermittently. he must be setting up a track for the car or something for it to crash through. ah, little boys. but pretty soon there will be breakfast and school lessons beginning.

one of my favorite things - is a new school book. i think they hold such promise and new info. i'm not quite sure the kids would agree.

a few plans for the rest of the week - make it through the first week of lessons and activities (i was either well thought out or crazy to start up everything all at once), sing for praise and worship at our parish and sing at a wedding and mass on saturday. did i mention i'm singing? :)

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -

make sure and stop by peggy's for all the other great entries for today!

have a great day. i'm off to shower and hopefully begin a great first day of school...ok, at least one that doesn't involve bickering and time outs. well, the eight year old is already arguing with her dad...scratch that.


Blogger Brandi said...

Good for you for getting up and exercising! I tell myself every evening that I'm going to do that, but then I turn on the computer first thing in the morning and get distracted! Maybe tomorrow...

I love new school books, too. Have a great first week! We'll getting started this week, too.

Enjoyed your daybook!


4:56 AM

Blogger AllyJo said...

I think I'll exercise this morning too. I'll pick stuff up around here...this place is a wreck. Down up..down up..down up. Feel the burn.

5:38 AM

Blogger Sandra said...

I wish I had the motivation to exercise, good for you :)

My Daybook

8:08 AM

Blogger Chez Nous said...

Your Daybook entry is hilarious!! I loved "I am reading" and "One of my favorite things" and I echo your sentiment about hopefully having a great first day. Anyday in this house without DD's eyebrows raised to the ceiling or one of those lengthy sighs is a good day.

Have a great week.

11:00 AM

Blogger UKZoe said...

Don't know if I could handle the garbage trucks every day but ours is only picked up every other week! It's supposed to encourage people to recycle more! I don't think it works and in the height of summer it can get a bit nasty.

12:09 PM

Blogger Grandma Starr said...

Great daybook. I'm trying to do the exercise first thing in the morning, too, UGH!!! Your picture is great ...It reminds me that we are to be a light in tis world.
Grandma Starr

3:50 PM


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