Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm A Winner...Part Deux!

well, well, well. this has been quite the little cliff hanger huh? ok, i obviously give myself too much credit but really, for anyone who actually reads this here little blog...i meant to blog about this last night. but i went to bed. i was wiped out after sitting and doing not so much selling at the italian fest yesterday. but let's see. winning. ah yes. there were so many ways that i won this past weekend. friday, we took a lovely trip to the home of good friends and played in their creek.

saturday morning i got some great deals at staples. did you know with their teacher's rewards card you can get more than the regular maximum of their sale or free stuff. that means i got ten packs of pencils and ten rulers for free. today i'll be heading out for free folders, erasers and pencil cases.

saturday afternoon i had lunch at this lovely and oh so tasty restaurant with two of my favorite lovely ladies from our homeschool group. we were supposed to attend a lapbooking day but it was cancelled so, we opted for lunch instead. we had a great afternoon with alot of laughter. it was such a blessing.

and saturday evening i was a real winner with the homily i heard at mass. but more on that later.

i suppose the winning you were possibly looking for was this...i was so shocked on saturday when we went to pick up our projects that i had won first place. yippee! i think even cooler than the ribbon was how proud the kids were of me. they were genuinely happy for me and they haven't stopped telling people about it since.


Blogger Alice Gunther said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on a prize well-deserved!

8:31 AM

Anonymous amy said...

That's so cool!

Your work certainly is beautiful!

11:06 AM

Anonymous Chris Volpe said...

Congratulations! I love the Rosaries you make! (Oh and I broke my spork just waiting to see what you won!)

4:30 AM


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