Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Sans Nap"

if you remember when we last left our brave blogging companion she had spoke of a harrowing week that was now in the past and how she couldn't wait for the blessing of an afternoon nap that loomed ahead on the beautiful horizon of that very afternoon. well, she didn't get one...not even close. hence the title, sans nap, or "without" in french for the languagely challenged (says she that just makes up words right here on the spot). it started off a lovely enough day with a trip to the discount grocer where we found organic wheat crackers for ninety nine cents a box and then a quick jaunt off to a piano lesson where the younger kids played trains on the floor while the oldest daughter tinkled the ivories upstairs. after that, we headed for what was supposed to be a quick stop at the craft store (where i found some discount pottery jars. hey alice, what should i do with them? :) ) and then a slight jaunt into cvs for some allergy meds. and then we went right back to the car...where it didn't start. that's three kids...and a car that doesn't even make a sound when you try to start it. well, it was 1:30, and my husband got off of work at 4:00. so i called him and told him that i was going to attempt to hold down the fort out here in the wilds of this parking lot for about three hours until he could get here so that he didn't have to leave work early. the kids were famished, so they claimed, and despite the fact that i didn't want to spend the money, we walked over to friendly's for some lunch. you see, the closest things within walking distance (and only causing us to cross a two lane road instead of a four lane one) were friendly's and eat n' park and never having that good of luck with the quality of eat n' park in my college days, i figured if i'm spending the money, we might as well go with friendly's. it also killed some more time because the tortoise could have beat the service at this place in a foot race and the kids got free (and gigantic) ice cream sundaes with their meals. they were covered in chocolate, but happy. on the return trip to the car i stopped into a car repair place called lebzelter's where a really nice guy from our parish is the president of the company. i told the manager at the desk where our car was and asked if i could get it over there, could he get it in on saturday. he replied that "yes, they could get it in" and inquired if i was ok (as he took a look around me at the three little kids). i said "yes" and as he handed me his card he told me that if i couldn't get it started to give him a call and that they would come over and help me out. sure enough, it didn't start. i called the guy and he came right over and tried to jump it to no avail. at that time i realized...the stinkin' car needs a starter...great. you see, this is not the first time i have been stranded somewhere with a car that needed a starter. nope, it's at least the fourth. all different cars though. anyway, so he was able to knock it a little bit to get it started so that we could get across the road while avoiding a towing bill. to make a long story short, not only did they go completely out of their way to help us, but they also fixed the car in one hour so we had it back yesterday too. that's what i call service. so on one hand, it wasn't that great of a day, but on the other hand, it really was. we got our errands done, we were all safe, it was a beautiful sunny (and cool day), we received superb service from the automotive place and none of the kids had a meltdown in the restaurant. God totally provided. i can actually say that i'm thankful for yesterday. it was exhausting but it was blessed. i actually remembered to offer it up (while it was going on nonetheless) for alot of people around me who have been suffering a great deal lately. a that's a miracle in and of itself. no losing of the cool, no attacking of the anxiety. God is good! and i may have not gotten my nap...but i did get to sleep in this morning. :)


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Praise the Lord!

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