Monday, July 28, 2008

Simply Monday - July 28th

outside my window - it is sunny, clear and a bit chilly this morning. it's nice to feel it now because i know it won't take long today for it to warm up.

i am thinking - that i got up early, but it's for a great reason. my husband's hours at work got shifted about two hours earlier. it's been difficult to acclimate ourselves to the earlier mornings but today starts week two and we're getting into the swing of things. i really love the fact that he gets home at least an hour before dinner now. it's great to have more family time.

i am thankful for - my family and our home.

from the kitchen - today i am hoping to make some banana muffins with some bananas that are quickly making their exit plan.

i am creating - a blog post about the wonderful conference i attended. it needs to churn around in my noggin a bit more and then hopefully later today i'll be able to put fingers to keys and make some coherent magic. and i'm also creating a little project based upon inspiration i received from one of the talks.

i am going - to do the laundry and try to tackle this enormous "to do" list that i whipped up for myself during breakfast. wish me luck!

i am wearing - brown shirt and jeans (again, wow, this must be my monday outfit or something)

i am reading - well, it's kind of transitory around here right now. i'm mostly dabbling in liturgy and school books right now. but soon i will be starting this lovely book that i picked up at the conference. i can't wait!

i am hoping - and praying for transformation and peace.

i am hearing - a house that is too quiet for three kids to be doing something that they are supposed to be doing. maybe i should go find them.

around the house - there are stacks and stacks of materials for the school year and stacks and stacks of materials that i want to get rid of. a year or so ago i purchased a school book from someone and when it arrived it had one of those round brightly colored garage sale stickers on the binding. i'm not quite sure if this is the reason but it gave me the idea to put these stickers on all of our school books in correlation with the year that they are used so i can just pull everything for one year off the shelf when i need it again. every other homeschooler on God's green earth probably already does this or has thought of it. but for me, someone with a level of common sense that registers somewhere between zip and zilch, well, let's just say it seems like magic. have i completed the task yet? heck no. do i have the little stickers? awww yeah.

one of my favorite things - meeting so many homeschoolers that i only knew by their blogs or screen names, especially the other volpe's. :)

a few plans for the rest of this week - start up a few science lessons that we didn't complete last school year. for my, ummm, uptight-ness, i need to finish these and start with a clean slate come september.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - this is right past our back yard. we assume that the digging for the new house behind us will commence very shortly. it will be fun to watch a house go up this close but i would be fibbing if i said that i won't miss the view that we used to have from the deck, or that i won't be paranoid about having a huge hole in the back yard for a few days. ;)

have a wonderful day and don't forget to stop over to Peggy's to check out all the other entries for today.


Anonymous mamasmurf said...

A lovely blog post! Don't worry about having a new house so close - we live right in the middle of our town and it gets very cramped living so close together!
God bless ~Chrissy

8:09 AM

Blogger Sandra said...

Really enjoyed reading your entry :)

9:18 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

Heather I just love your daybook, you have such a great voice. I swear I could hear you like you were sitting right next to me... especialy the heck no and awww yeahs. LOL!

9:58 AM


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