Thursday, July 03, 2008

Family Time Fun

not much has been going on around here lately. we've been staying close to home on account of the gas prices. we just can't afford to fill up every week like we used to. errands are done much more locally, garage sale-ing has been drastically scaled back to only include development sales with "a reputation" and fun time usually involves a nature walk or a quick jaunt to the park a few roads over. i think the kids are taking it harder than i. frankly, i enjoy being at home. i do wish the kids would stop bickering and antagonizing each other...but i like being home. since we haven't been doing too much exciting i thought i'd share some shots of what we have been's proof that they actually do love each other...despite the hitting...the kicking...the yelling... the fighting...etc...etc...etc. :)
hey there little lady...did you get those elbow pads tight enough? (translated as "oh look, i think she's cutting off her circulation.")getting ready to try out his new skates......while somebody else doodles on the driveway with some new sidewalk paints received from some wonderful friends.

hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of july!


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