Monday, June 23, 2008

Simply Monday - June 23rd

this morning i was clicking around at the few blogs that i read everyday and that reminded me to post this. my memory, well, she ain't what she used to be and something that only happens once a week. let's just say those days are too far apart to develop a habit for me so i'm thinking...big ol' sticky note on the computer screen. :) anywho, for all it's we go.

outside of my window - is a quite street with just a few people walking or riding their bikes. it's so lovely that right now there are only a few houses on our road and then a big field with a few deserted half finished roads. if i were to look out the back window though i would see the builders working at a sprinter's pace finishing what seems like a new house every week or so.

i am thinking - about everything that needs cleaned around here. after moving into the new house i have lost all semblance of a cleaning schedule and we are still trying to figure out what goes where sometimes.

i am thankful for - a house to live in (despite its pestilence), a husband who puts up with my junk and a Church, who despite the faults in Her people still holds and teaches the truth.

from the kitchen - the kitchen is an absolute mess right now as we found ants in our pantry early yesterday morning just one hour before we were slated to leave for baltimore. the contents of the pantry is now in a stack in the middle of the kitchen floor and piled on the table so that the bug man can come today and hopefully eradicate the little vermin. yes, where our house sits used to be a corn field and i'm sorry that the little buggers have been uprooted but they need to figure out it's not a field anymore, pack up their bags and relocate to the nearest cornfield...which is just about a block away. :) but i am trying to figure out what would be quick and easy to whip up for dinner. my husband just got some free baseball tickets from work so we will be heading out to the game as soon as he comes home.

i am wearing - just a minute...ok, now i'll answer. a navy blue t-shirt and jeans accented by bare feet. (i was embarrassed to enter two weeks in a row of pjs) not wearing anything spectacular with all the cleaning i'm hoping to get done today. i have a habit of ruining all of my clothing...the very first time i wear i don't want to wear anything great. also, my apron is so ugly that it actually makes me feel worse than grubby old clothes so i guess an apron should be added to the "to do" list.

i am reading - "the spirit of the liturgy" by then Cardinal Ratzinger and balancing it out with "the tale of desperaux" by kate dicamillo. i put aside "the drama of atheist humanism" for awhile because i need to read "the spirit of the liturgy," for a few really important reasons that i won't get into.

i am hoping - for a miracle in the health of baby cate
and peace for her parents.

one of my favorite things - is to listen to complete quiet. it doesn't happen all that much with three kids eight and under...but when it does, it's music. :)

a few plans for the rest of the week - plan a meeting i really need to have, hopefully go to the produce auction again, clean the garage and clean the garage. (can you tell how much that needs to be done and how much it's driving me crazy?)

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - i know it's supposed to be a picture thought but i have to share with you a bit on this one too. this a picture of the first mass of our friend, fr. john rapisarda, who was ordained a priest for the archdiocese of baltimore on saturday. the young man sitting next to him is another one of our friends who was recently ordained a deacon for the diocese of trenton. it was such an exciting thing to see the two of them on the altar together, serving mass. i know the two of them will accomplish great things in the Church. they are the type of men we rely on for this "new springtime." please keep them in your prayers.

God bless your day! please visit "the simple woman" for others participating today and to participate yourself.


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I enjoyed reading your funny daybook. I hope the ants move on to a new location.

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