Monday, June 16, 2008

Simply Monday

...well, today i was taking a quick peek at some of my favorite blogs before i "officially" get my day started and stumbled across something very lovely at Tales From the Bonny Blue House (although Mary Ellen, all your links lead you to the smoothie book...that must be one great book:)...and for the record i looked, our library doesn't have it). anyway, this loveliness was "A Simple Woman's Daybook." i thought that today, since i'm feeling much more cluttered than simple, this might be a good place for me to start. this is my first try at this so say a prayer it goes well...

"A Simple Woman's Daybook" - June 16th:

*outside my window - a multitude of construction workers busy as bees on another new house behind us

*i am thinking - i have to get dressed and get moving

*i am thankful - for my husband. he is marvelous.

*from the kitchen - this morning we just had the typical cereal. i need to get much more creative with the breakfast menu. however, last night i did freeze four bags of yummy pea pods that were brought over by some friends who came over at 9 pm, just to share some tasty beef kabobs with us (more on those later...because they are just so great, everyone should make them!)

*i am wearing - my pajamas still. i have been sick for a few days and this morning was just hideous. we won't go into what the jammies look like because they are rather lackluster. although, i was thinking just this morning that i need a new pair of summer jammies. i have specific winter jammies but summer simply eludes me. if you have any suggestion for some practical summer jammies, leave me a comment.

*i am creating - some small lesson plans for the summer. our oldest needs to do some speed drills on math facts, there are a few science units to cover and i would like to get our middle one started on some beginning phonics.

*i am going - to the library for homeschool art class this afternoon...although the way i feel i may just drop the oldest one off and come back to the house with the younger ones.

*i am reading - "The Drama of Atheist Humanism" by Henri de Lubac. this was a textbook of mine in college...oh, just a few years back. :) it's rather large and equally deep, so this might be on the list for quite some time.

*i am hoping - that this pesky nausea/headache/sore throat/drainage goes away. and we'll stop there before we get too much information.

*i am hearing - my two year old playing with a "my first leap pad."

*around the house - i was planning on this being a chock full day in the kitchen. making strawberry freezer jam, strawberry and blueberry bread or muffins to stock the freezer, meatballs for the freezer from the six pounds of ground beef i purchased. i think i'll just have to deal with the illness and get it done anyway.

*one of my favorite things - our new mattress. waking up without excruciating pain in my back is truly a gift from God.

*a few plans for the rest of the week - to finally get the towels and sheets organized, get the kids clothes organized and get the oil in the car changed. we are heading to an ordination to the priesthood of a dear friend and i want the car to make it there. we definitely could use some prayers on that one!

*here is a picture thought i am sharing -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as summer jammies, I find cute capris and matching light weight tshirts from Walmart work wonderfully. Of course, I'm also partial to simple sets of scrubs! LOL
What kind of mattress did you get? I have Fibromyalgia and always have backpain, so am looking for "the" mattress. Please share!!!! Visit my blog at and leave me a comment!
Have a lovely day!!!

7:56 AM

Blogger Love Bears All Things said...

Jammies: I get very warm up top so I usually just wear a Jockey sleeveless T. and seperate bottoms. I don't use a tank top because they're shorter and thicker. My legs tend to get chilly so I use the regular summer weight bottoms.
Oooh! that was my first thought on the picture.
I hope you get to feeling better and that your car only needs oil change.
Mama Bear

9:49 AM


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