Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aaaah, Today.

today was the first day this entire week that i was able to get out of the house. for the past three days i have been waiting for the bug man and the builder to show up. don't even get me started on customer service (or lack thereof) and showing up when you say you will. you would think that when somebody (whom you've paid and contracted for their services) gives you a two hour window in which they will show up...that they will actually show up. and if they don't, you'd think they would give you a call...earlier than three hours after the fact. and then they wouldn't have the nerve to reschedule for two days you a four hour time window this time...and then still not showing up until one and a half hours after that. yep, but i'm not bitter or anything. and you know, an apology would have been oh so helpful. so today, we went to our local library to see the alpacas. their appearance was part of our summer library program. the kids got to pet the alpacas and find out all sorts of things about them.

then we went home and my littlest munchkin decided to have her own little dance party. (and for the record, that is not me clapping in the background. it's my rhythmically challenged eight year old.)

and then, to everyone's joy (read this correctly as "horror") i served something for dinner which at a quick glance you would have sworn it came out of a can labeled alpo. ah, dog food for dinner. and then it swiftly became "dog food over noodles." it actually was the beef and gravy that i blogged about freezing the other day. it was rather tasty, once you got over the appearance.

then we went outside to check out our newly "acquired" slime mold (check out the last pic on this page of the girl, loveingly petting her slime's what our's looked like...but not quite how we felt about it) and have ice pops. ah, magnifique!


Blogger amy said...

Great dancing! My little one thought it was pretty darn good too. I guess you little hand clapper didn't get your gift of timing.=)

3:03 PM


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