Monday, June 09, 2008

Hot and Sticky

well, today it's supposed to be in the upper nineties again for the third day in a row with humidity that just sticks to you. i'm glad to see the sun but i didn't think the intense heat would come so soon. it's supposed to cool down into the upper eighties by wednesday though. so, my house, now equipped with central air is supposed to be my pleasure on days like today, right? well, the air is nice, to be sure...but the stinkin' bugs are not. our house has been infested with these tiny little buggies that jump that we're told are very popular in new construction and are just rampant all over our block. they seem to like our house and have taken residence here. they were just in the basement and that wasn't good...but it wasn't horrible. now they are everywhere. the exterminator is coming back for the third time and the builder is coming to hopefully caulk some windows, etc. dear Lord, please end the plague. i'm having nightmares and starting to twitch. :)


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