Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Feast of Corpus Christi

today we celebrate the central mystery of our faith, the feast of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. what a beautiful day we have here in the east to celebrate such a beautiful feast. last night a parish in our area had the first latin mass that has been said in the city for a quite a number of years. i was thinking of attending but did not since i was cantoring at mass in our parish this morning. but, after the homily i was glad that i had attended mass at our regular parish. it was just what i needed to hear. our priest was talking about the giant sequoia trees. at first i must admit that i thought, ok, where exactly is this going? but he was talking about how their roots go out instead of down and that without the other trees around them and their roots that intertwine with each other, these giant trees would fall over. that is how we are called to be as the Church. supporting each other and holding each other up. and this is important. but, how even more important is it that we allow ourselves to first be fed by and held up by Christ, in the Holy Eucharist. i paraphrase of course, but this is the part that i needed to hear, so this is what i took. you see, i've been feeling lonely for quite some time now. i've been rather disillusioned, unsatisfied and downright shocked and hurt by situations, people, happenings. the Lord it seems as of late has been a great people mover in my life. it's not that tons of people who are close to me have died lately or something, it's just that nothing is the same as it was last year at this time. nothing is the same as it was six months ago and nothing is the same as it was three months ago. you get the picture. i really rely upon people much more than i should. this is something i have been working on for over two years and i'm starting to feel that this might be a rut i revisit until the day i die. it's one that i have thought that i have conquered time and time again, only to find myself back there. things that people say and do can...and do affect my entire day, week...heck, if we're being month. it's ridiculous. right now there is one particular area where this has been oh so difficult. as if i haven't bared enough of my soul to the general populous...i'd like to keep this one under wraps. anywho, there's my convoluted meditation for the day. not at all scholarly or deep, but where i am.


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