Thursday, May 01, 2008

busy, busy, busy

well, this week has been crazy and that' only a prelude to this weekend. dh left early for work this morning (so that meant the whole house was up, and kind of crabby) early too. he has to go pick up his parents from the airport this afternoon because we don't have a car that is large enough for me, them and the kids to fit in...all at once that is. it kind of elicits thoughts of a clown car. anyway, they will arrive today, oldest dd's birthday is tomorrow, her uncle and godparents arrive saturday and her first holy communion is on sunday. i think if one more thing was jam packed into this weekend my head would pop. so, there probably won't be anymore posts this weekend (unless i'm trying to escape from houseguests for awhile...i don't do real well with lots of people). please say a prayer for my (not so) little girl for her big day on sunday. we are all really excited. this is our first to receive the Lord and we can't wait. i'm sure to have some great pictures come monday.


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