Friday, March 28, 2008

A Quick Link...

not much time to write today. we're on our second batch of company in two weeks which were book ends to Easter Sunday. busy, busy, busy. but, we've taken some time off of school and i'm pleased to report that we were actually caught up before we stopped. yippee! that means so frantic catch up when we reconvene next week...just the "aw come on, are we still doing this?" :) but, i have some great hands on units planned so that should keep us coasting along joyfully until summer arrives. our oldest is also receiving her First Holy Communion in may so there are some fun hands on lessons in the works for that. anyway, i just stopped by to give you a link to a beautiful post of Michele's. she has hit the nail on the head to what i have been thinking lately and speaking with some people about who disagree. thanks Michele for putting words on screen to illustrate my thoughts!


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You are quite welcome Heather!

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