Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm A Winner!

yes sir by golly, i usually don't get to say that but this time my dear friends...i am. you see, about a week ago i received an e-mail out of the blue from someone at an advertising agency in chicago who said, "congratulations, you won our online contest." yes, i do enter contests online sometimes. no, i never win. and yes, i am very suspicious of everything by nature. especially good things that happen to me but that's a psychological issue that i don't really want to go into for the general populous of the world wide web. hmm, anyway, where was i? oh yes, so i was rather suspicious about this e-mail and immediately shot back an e-mail that told this person that it was really cool if i did win, but was this for real...and if supposedly so...what did she need from me to claim the prize. i was half expecting to either not get a reply back or a request for my social security number and bank account. she e-mailed me back the next day and said all she needed was my mailing address. after carefully looking over the e-mail, googling the ad agency and checking out their address (i am from illinois so i knew their address was a real address) i sent her my mailing address. and wonder of wonders, miracle of prize arrived today. and now, for the unveiling of the prize. (drumroll please) you, my friends, are reading the blog of the winner of florida orange juice for a year. no applause please. you might be saying, "wow, with all that story i was sure it was cash." no, it is not, but for our family, oj is as good as solid gold. you see, i believe we are addicted. all of us, except the two year old who doesn't drink juice. we have had to lay down a strict 'orange juice is only for breakfast' rule around here. that is how much we consume. and well, i think orange juice costs approximately as much as solid gold. that is why we only buy ours at the local discount grocery. and when they don't have any in stock, it is a dark day. but oh no, no more. now (for at least this year) we can go into any store of our choosing...pull out one of our coupons...and say, pardon me my dear man, can you give me one of those luscious, name brand, not past the expiration date jugs of orange juice? and make it quick sire, because we are parched. oh yes, it is a good day.


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