Sunday, February 24, 2008

Praise God!

ok, i know the title sounds like something absolutely terrific and shocking happened to me. but it didn't. sure, our van doesn't have heat or defrost, shakes uncontrollably over 40 miles an hour and won't even go over 55 miles per hour...and our other vehicle is now spilling forth coolant and overheating. so, that leaves me to drive the ice box on wheels (what i commonly call the van) or stay at home. well, i did brave it to go to the grocery store today, since we had three slices of bread left, but that's it. but God is good. nonetheless. He's here, and even though my stomach may be in knots and my mind reeling, He's here. i sing in a band called "sound doctrine." tonight we played a youth night at our church. the speaker was fantastic and we had a good time praising the Lord, as per usual. it was a time that was fun and more importantly, blessed. it blessed my soul. it renewed and revived me. things will be fine. we may miss some events and be a little inconvenienced but He is here, He is God and He is in control. and that my good...very good.


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