Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras Y'All!

today is mardi gras, oh yes it is, and i'm feeling a little down. we lived in the south for one year, in new orleans to be precise. our oldest daughter was born down there. now mind you i didn't really take to the south but i did enjoy certain parts of it: the food, the music and mardi gras. well, not all of it, just the fun for the entire family parts. and so, we usually have a big ol' party and celebrate it up with fried chicken (although we don't have a local popeyes anymore), red beans and rice and of course a king cake. this year we are just too newly moved to pull it off. it won't even be a full week we have owned the house until this evening. so, i bring to you my favorite king cake recipe that i have been using every year. check it out here. and then bring me over a slice. it can even be the one with the plastic baby, because i'll be back hosting a big 'ol shindig next year.


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