Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like...I'm Going to Pass Out

of course that is to be sung to the tune of "it's beginning to look alot like christmas." but anyway. the past few days have been a marathon. i really can't completely remember what i have done but hey. i know in fact the last week has been filled with all to many trips to walmart to pick up the pictures for my christmas cards that came like three days later than they promised. so, my cards finally went out yesterday instead of tuesday like i had planned. oh well, as long as they get there by january 6th it's still christmas right?

yesterday we began at 9:30 am to look at our "possible new home." this is what i have taken to calling it so i don't get my hopes up in case something falls through like it almost has about 20 bazillion times. we are now the closest that we have been but i'm not going to shout yippee and shoot off my confetti gun (oh you laugh, but i really do have it, and i will shoot it off in the front lawn, mark my word...and won't that be a good first impression with the neighbors) until the papers are signed and they give us the keys. we then spent a marathon few hours with all three kids in tow finishing up christmas shopping. actually, i think we spent most of the time in the traffic...and more traffic...and just a bit more traffic. i kept hearing my daughter's question of a few days ago echo in my ears. you see, we were listening to "it's beginning to look alot like christmas" and she asked me why anyone would say "the traffic is terrific." she said she saw nothing "terrific" about traffic. i would have to agree wholeheartedly. when we got home we hurriedly fed the kids some mac n' cheese, greeted the world's greatest babysitter and headed off to quite possibly the best christmas party i have attended in some time. it was over at amy's house. it was marvelous. she put out a superb spread of all the tastiest appetizers and the company was delightful. all of the people you love to hang out with but you don't have the time to chat with as you would like. and then we sang karaoke. well, i do use the word "sang" very liberally you understand. after one particular rendition of twisted sister's "we're not gonna take it" i don't think my ears will be the same ever again. i think we should definitely get together and karaoke again. and then i didn't get out of bed until about 10 am. i can't even remember the last time i stayed in bed until ten. i think i may actually be able to last it out through the holidays with this little extra bit of sleep. but who knows...after all...the presents aren't wrapped yet. :)


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