Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's Almost Time!!!

less than three hours left until the fall giveaway closes so get your comments in now. i promise the prize is something good. i believe it's rather pretty and it's handmade by yours truly. i think it's possibly even better than the purse i gave away in the spring. but of course, i did make it so it wouldn't quite make sense for me to say, "oh yeah, by the really stinks!" so, you could possibly end up saying, "all the suspense for that stinking ________!" but if you do, please don't leave me a comment about it. :) i mean, i love comments as much as the next guy but, you know.... oh and that brings me to IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE HERE...PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN! and if you don't like what you see here, well, come back anyway just so you can a.) score some time off of purgatory now and b.) have a convenient target to laugh at and ridicule (and if i take it all in stride with a smile, i can get some time off of purgatory...see, it works out for everybody in the end).


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