Friday, October 12, 2007

Hello There...What's Everybody Up To?

wow, i didn't realize it had been so long since i had posted. sorry to the four readers. i know you were waiting with baited breath...that is if you haven't left me in the fray. anyway, i've been 30 officially for ten days now and i'm happy to report it ain't bad. i'm just as lazy/tired as i always have been. i think i may have even gotten a little wiser with the advent of this year...although i'm not going to hang my hat on that one. :) but seriously, i think this little lady is growing up...finally...and it does feel good. ok, it's still a little weird, but a good weird. if that makes any sense at all.

ok, new topic. i sold my first piece of jewelry on etsy. i didn't think the day would ever come. but, it did (high fives all around). maybe i should actually make something to replace it on there or here's a novel my etsy listing bill so the people there don't pull my site. ah, i think the latter should be attended to first.

while your at surfin' this here world wide web, why don't you check out michele's new endeavor. it's a really cool way to keep motivated on your creative pursuits. and amy and i are hostesses for the "craft table." so it's a good thing we are partners in this because that means the lukewarm glass of water i usually think to treat my guests to will be accompanied by her lovely cloth table linens, vintage melamine serving dishes and some fabulous zucchini or strawberry bread. so, you're in luck. and she may even bring some ice for the lukewarm water.


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You are a funny girl!!!

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