Thursday, September 06, 2007

And Now For Little People Quotes Part Deux

well, i promised to let you in on what my seven year old really thinks about me. so, here goes.

a few weeks ago she was reading this book by tomie depaola. it's a lovely little book with the history of popcorn but oh, how she wove my age into it was not so cute. she proceeded to tell me that when she was reading this book she found out that the indians made popcorn right on the back in 1980 or something. when i informed her that i was living in 1980 she shuttered and paled.

and finally, last week we were on vacation in illinois. we were driving around and pointing out what was new since we last visited and our oldest was the only one awake to take it all in with us. after a little while she asked what we were doing. and i said to her, "we're just driving around looking, but aren't you lucky because your brother and sister are asleep and that means you have mommy and daddy all to yourself." her answer? "i think i'm going to go to sleep."


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