Monday, July 30, 2007

Oooooh, The Prize!

i know you could cut the suspense with a knife and inquiring minds want to know so here is the grand announcement of the...mystery prize (insert echoing announcer voice here). our lovely mystery prize that has stood veiled in shadow is this super duper handmade tote bag, sewn with love by yours truly. this will be sent out to the lucky winner this week. her favorite color is purple, but she swears number two is pink, so i hope she enjoys it. :) maybe i'll have to do another one of these give aways some time. it was really fun...and frankly, who can resist over 100 comments?


Blogger cre82learn said...

I got this today!! Yeah! I was hoping it would come before we left for vacation. It is so cute and definitely good workmanship. I love the pockets inside! Thanks!!!

8:44 PM


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