Monday, July 09, 2007

This Old House...Is Still Ours

well, it's been a while since i've written about the house. took a bit of a hiatus, but it's still here. on the market three glorious months today. we've done some stuff lately to "hopefully" help it sell. resealed part of the roof, painted the kitchen, put down new concrete out front and today we had a home inspection done. this with the home warranty offered make the house "home buyer ready" as they call it. the bright spot today was that the inspection came back great. we only need to do work on our back porch roof which we already knew about. this still doesn't mean people are line up outside my door to sign an agreement but at least it was something positive. oh, and if you're in the market for concrete, be sure to give these guys a call and for home inspections contact Pillar to Post. both of them provided us with nothing less than superior service.

just to throw a little pizazz into the post, i'll tell you about what's for dinner here at the old (perpetually owned by us) homestead. we are having spaghetti pie. whoopity do, i know. but what is so cool about this is that it is being made with what was left of this...and that frying pan shot doesn't nearly do this dish culinary justice, so i'll how you this one too.what is this you ask? it is beef ragu (i think it's really supposed to be ragout but hey, who am i to argue with the printed word). anyway, it comes from this months issue of Simple and Delicious. and let me tell you people...this issue does not disappoint. this sauce, featuring roma tomatoes was tastee. i don't think that ragu should be allowed to call their company ragu 'cause i never tasted anything close to this from one of their jars. also from this issue i tried the focaccia beef kabobs and the fourth of july trifle. while the trifle was good (it is definitely not for the texturely challenged), the kabobs rocked my socks off. layers upon layers of herbed focaccia bread, red pepper and seasoned beef lightly brushed with olive oil, grilled to perfection and ever so gently sprinkled with provolone cheese. the stuff my dreams are made of really. i am still waiting to also try the prosciutto asparagus pasta, smores ice cream sandwiches and many others. so pick yourself up a copy.


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