Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Say It With Me Now...Oooh, Fabric.

today i, sans children, hit the joann fabrics fourth of july sale. and by declaring my independence (hee, hee, i had to say it) i was able to fill an entire cart full of beautiful clearance fabric. yes, every blessed piece (except one, which i used a 40% off coupon on of course) was clearance...and therefore another 50% off. this puts the yip in yippee. take a look at these beauties internet folks...

here are a few of the fabrics i have had an obsession with lately. i think they are absolutely the coolest...and with the 50% they are only $1.50. i thought i would do something positive with my obsession, so inspired by my friend beth, i am going to try and make this bag with all this fabric for christmas gifts. hey, if i start now i just might be finished in time. stranger things have happened.

this fabric in particular i purchased to make the same bag for myself. i couldn't find a contrasting fabric for it so i just opted to use the same throughout. i thought this would be a nice fabric to have a bag made out of for the fall and winter months. however, me getting it done in time for the fall is probably about as likely as this.
these little cuties are slated for pjs for my youngest two. check out the froggy driving a car on the one in the front. i paid 43 cents for the entire yard. now that's what i call a bargain.

this final set i purchased in hopes of making my first quilt. i know nothing about quilting but i figure that since one of the things in sewing i am actually good at is a stitching a straight line...things might pan out after all. the cute black and white purses and the multi colored umbrella fabrics both came from garage sales too. how cool is that? probably just about as cool as this.
bon appetit!


Blogger Ellen said...

Nice fabric selection. I especially like the quilt collection.

5:53 AM

Blogger amy said...

great fabric! fun posts too!

7:06 PM


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