Monday, July 02, 2007

Using Every Earthy Granola Bone In My Body

yesterday was busy in an oh so fulfilling and mind clearing way. and can i get an "amen" when i say i really needed it. we went to mass in the morning and then we had an open house. this was definitely not the mind clearing part because it involved leaving the house spotless and eating at arbys (ok, that's pretty euphoric, but anyway). but after we drove home, readying myself for more disappointment about the house, having the disappointment come and packing up the van, we headed to our rented garden plot in lancaster county central park. this is the third year we have rented a plot, but definitely the latest we have planted it. we were going to forget about it but we got a bunch of free plants so we figured we might as well get them in the ground. now we have tomatoes, peppers, red cabbage, basil, mint, oregano, eggplant, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, squash and cantaloupe. they let you keep the plot until the end of october so hopefully we will get a decent amount of stuff. we'll put a "fall" crop of lettuce and peas in towards the end of august too. that way they won't be scorched by the july and early august heat. the kids had a wonderful afternoon taking off their shoes and getting dirty. it's not a luxury they have here in the city. it's wonderful to see them just being kids.

when we got home i made dinner (a superb one that i'll have to devote a separate entry to) and then continuing the earthy day, i made some homemade pesto with some lovely homegrown basil given to me by a dear friend. i went to bed completely exhausted, but a very, very good exhausted.


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