Friday, June 15, 2007

Backyard Bounty

this week has been a good one for our rather meager backyard. the lilies are in bloom. these lovely blooms were a gift from a friend's mother a few years back for easter. it started out as one small plant and this year the bulb branched out to form two stalks.
we also are getting quite a few strawberries off of our four plants this year. we have been tending these plants for five years and it is finally paying off. the plants have produced about three quarts so far. i used the first bunch of berries to make some freezer jam and some terrific strawberry bread. the jam is sooooo easy and i absolutely love the deep red color the homegrown strawberries give it.
the only thing not so beautiful in the backyard?the neighbor's dog ripping apart the fence...arrgh.


Blogger amy said...

Those flowers are just gorgeous!

6:40 PM


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