Friday, June 22, 2007

"Worry," Who Knew?

well, lately i've been obsessed with worrying. ok. when am i not really? we all know that worrying really doesn't get you anywhere...except in a worse mood. so, today i decided that i would check out the good ol' wikipedia for a little vocab/encyclopedic lesson. here's what it had to say and can i say that i just about wet my pants? ok, we're getting a little too personal, but hey. anywho, here goes. it said that worry was one component of anxiety, the other being emotionality. "Worry refers to negative self-talk that often distracts the mind from focusing on the problem at hand." well yeah, don't we all like a little distraction from feeling beat to a pulp? but here's the definition that made me laugh/agree/sigh ah hah. "To 'worry' is what a terrier does to a rat - the dog grips the rat in its mouth and shakes the rat to death." and isn't this the exact definition as the first? when we worry about everything it's like beating a dead horse. we keep dishing the same darn thing up time and time again with all the possible most horrible variables that will probably never ever happen...but don't you know they could. even though it continually makes us feel worse and worse we continue to kick the proverbial dead horse until not only are we worrying about the original problem but now we are also worrying about our foot that hurts from kicking the dead equine we shouldn't have been kicking in the first place. so, the long and the short of it? we need to stop shaking rats in our mouths. let the big ol' rodents scurry back into the sewers where they belong. just a creepy peak into how my mind really works. there you have it.


Anonymous Joanna said...

Thanks - I really needed to hear, er, read this! Except by commenting I might be upsetting your comfort level. :)

8:54 AM


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