Wednesday, July 25, 2007

TMBG Rocked My Socks Off (And I Was Even Wearing Sandals)

alright, first things first, if you're looking for the giveaway and don't really care what i have to say, scroll down a bit.

now to the real journalism (ha ha, right). anyway, last friday my husband and i did something sort of adult like for a change. we saw a concert at a club. a real live concert in a real live club people. i was trying to think back to when this last occurred and i believe it was when i was pregnant with our oldest child...who is now seven! this realization came hard to the girl who used to see a show almost every week in her college years. but, we were invited to this show by a friend and my mother was in town so that meant built in baby sitter. it was too good to pass up. we went to the chameleon club and saw they might be giants. and they certainly did not disappoint. you see, tmbg holds a particular soft spot in my heart because i have been listening to them for about 20 years now, my husband has too, and now my kids like their kids music. it has turned into quite the family affair. if you have never listened to them you should...i think it will make you smile.


Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said...

I didn't know they were still doing live shows! I love them too. How fun!

1:28 PM

Anonymous Beth said...

I LOVE TMBG!! Have you listened to their Dial a Song? I have also been a fan since college, too many years to admit, lol. I saw them in concert once here in Boston - what a fun show! My kids enjoy them, too. Lucky you! I would love a night out.... sigh.

2:06 PM


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