Friday, July 13, 2007

Let's Give It Up For The People Who Don't Have To Shop For Themselves

that's right. you heard it. there are some people who are lucky enough to be able to use this service and not have to shop for their own darn groceries. if this is not a dream come true i don't know what is people. i used to love grocery shopping. the operative phrase here is "used to." i used to view clipping coupons and pouring over grocery ads 'til the wee hours of the morning to plan a killer shopping trip which would encompass every grocery store in a tristate area but this folks was when i had nothing better to do. this was before children number two and three, before homeschooling, before trying to sell a house, and well, before life kicked in. now i strictly stick to one store, giant(frankly because the layout of weis doesn't make sense to anybody) and because i just don't have the time or energy to see who can save me 2 cents per roll on toilet paper this week. i still do clip coupons, but now that we have been eating healthier in the past few years i find there isn't as much to clip that i'm actually going to use. it's rare that they have a coupon for a pound of tomatoes, a head of lettuce or a loaf of wheat bread. i do try to match what we eat to the sale of the week, as much as i can but mostly i just match it to what i know will always be relatively cheap. you know...eggs, tuna, sub par hamburger. you get the point. so back to my original point (and you're now chiming in with "she had one?"). by the time i finally get to the store it's about ten o'clock at night after a day of feeding three children three meals and a snack, changing countless diapers, a load or twelve of laundry, a bit of cleaning and let's not forget my full time job as a referee and prison warden and i am beat. i must look like a zombie lumbering into that place. i grunt and drag my feet as i squint to see my list through blurred vision. so, if i could just call up and say, "hey mack, bring me five pounds of ground beef, one of those whole chickens that are on sale and some pepsi...make sure it's caffiene free."...there would much rejoicing. oh, there would be sheer jubilation. so until that blissful day i'll just keep up my night of the living dead routine. anybody care to join me?


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Blogger Xia said...

NOW I know why I only shop at Giant - I can NEVER find anything in Weis. Thanks for clearing it up for me!
Xia's Mom - Stephanie

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