Friday, July 13, 2007

Hey Everybody...I Actually Finished Something!

there is nothing that helps me to feel better than to actually 100% complete a project. so, with all of this house nonsense bringin' me down, i decided to whip something up. i put together a bag for my mother from the fabric i had picked out for her. she is coming for a visit on monday and i wanted to have it finished to give her while she is here...without working on it frantically while she is here. :) i was pretty pleased with my first attempt at this pattern.

i only had one slight problem and it happened, well, i'm embarrassed to say, three times. i kept putting the straps on the wrong side and then they would be trapped inside the finished bag and completely useless. i figured if this was the only problem i had with a new pattern, then that was pretty good for me. before this fiasco i didn't even have to rip anything out. yippee! i have however decided that i need an iron and ironing board next to my sewing machine. going downstairs to the kitchen table every five minutes to iron something got old pretty quick. i think maybe i'll start another one tomorrow.

i picked out these fabrics especially for my mom. they just reminded me of her. not that she wears flowered stiletto boots like the ones featured on the lining/bottom fabric, but like a friend said, it would look totally ridiculous for someone wearing flowered stiletto boots to carry a bag with pictures of flowered stiletto boots. (and wow, anybody shopping for flowered stiletto boots is going to be immediately sent to my site through google because many times can we mention flowered stiletto boots and not come up with a cute abbreviation for them. so from here on out we'll call them the fsb, tres clever i know.) i also thought this bag would be great for my mom because she loves the beach and the pool and with the bright colors and all the pockets, that is just what it is screamin' to me...aside from fsb of course. :)


Blogger amy said...

It looks great! Congrats!

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