Sunday, September 02, 2007


well, it's been awhile i know. we were on vacation. we went to visit family. and while it's great to visit family and kick back in the twilight watching the bats fly overhead and listening to the coyotes howl (not to mention driving a 2007 mazda 6 too) but it's also great to be home. back to the norm...if you can actually call anything around here normal. :) but anywho, i have a few realizations for today...

realization #1 - school starts tomorrow. i have been purchasing books for months and planning for weeks but it hadn't sunk in yet. tomorrow is the day. remember us in prayer...please.

realization #2 - you can't let the decisions other people make change yours. unless you're talking about the saints.

realization #3 - my little girl is not so little any more. she's starting second grade tomorrow. she likes lip gloss and is worried about her clothes matching. she's starting to learn things like hospitality. it's beautiful (and scary) at the same time.

realization #4 - we need to get more of a schedule around here. the whole family is composed of creatures of habit and while we schedule school daily, we have yet to schedule needing cleaning, chores, etc. so this year we will be doing a bit more flying and hopefully lessing crashing and burning. while i don't do the whole routine, there are some parts of it which will definitely help our family.

well, there you have it.


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