Friday, August 17, 2007

Well, Well, Well...

yes, it's been awhile. i know. i'm slipping. this week has been a difficult one with a real estate faux pas around every corner but that is over now. our funding window has run out and as of tonight we only have to sign some papers and our house will be officially off the market. so, the good side of that coin? you don't have to listen to me whine about selling my house anymore. the bad side of it? we still live here. but really, i was just looking back through my stored pictures from the past few weeks and i realized that i have so much to be thankful for anyway and that well...i should just blog about a few reasons why.

numero uno: i have great friends. it's as simple as that. just to mention one, my good friend amy. when you go to her blog (and you will won't you...that's what i thought...thank you) you are greeted by a lovely bouquet of flowers grown by her and her incredible husband. well, guess what? she gave me one. ok, actually two but i only have a picture of the first one. isn't it absolutely lovely?

the second thing to be thankful for...a garage sale find. we found this...
at a garage sale for a quarter.

and who knew that something purchased for a quarter could make a four year old this happy?
and, who knew that star wars guys could have such a humdinger of a suare in a lincoln logs cabin?

third thankfulness...this beautiful icon given to me by a beautiful friend who just returned from fatima, portugal....and she also went to fetch my husband tonight when his car broke down...again. the car...definitely not something to be thankful for. the friend who would drop everything, go pick up my husband and then even stay for dinner...definitely.


Blogger amy said...

Thanks for your kind words, I am indeed thankful for your friendship as well.
Great deal on the Lincoln Logs.

8:15 AM

Blogger Xia said...

God must want you in that house for now. Way to adjust your attitude to being grateful. I think that would happen to me too if I got to witness the Star Wars entourage moving into a Lincoln Log cabin. That is just too much! What kind of fighting goes on there? Do they shoot logs at the Death Star? Inquiring minds want to know...

12:45 PM

Blogger simplysewn said...


As a city dweller, we are always happy to have a good family around. You never know what God has in store for you. I'm glad you are counting your blessings. Sometimes I think God gives us our challenges so that the joys of this life are much more joyful.

I love the starwars guys in the log house. And the smile....priceless.

5:08 AM

Blogger Stephanie Zimmerman said...

Hey Heather, I don't have your email, so hope you see this. I won't be able to attend your Bingo Crystalrama event - but thanks for the invite!

3:57 AM


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