Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh My Goodness...What A Perfect Day!

well, you guessed it. today i turned thirty. i wasn't actually looking forward to it that much. i wasn't exactly dreading it, but i do admit that it had left me just a bit confused about what to think. anyway, thanks to my wonderful husband and children (allow me to exult their praises now) i had the best birthday ever. it actually started last night when my super terrific friend amy gave me this...it's one of my totally favorite candles in my very very favorite scent. then this morning i was woke up to breakfast......in bed! after the tasty breakfast (that was almost too much for me to finish) i went downstairs to find a dozen of these beauties.they have special significance because my wedding bouquet was made of lavender roses (awwwww :) ). then we had a tasty lunch of philly cheesesteaks from my favorite place down the block and i got to take a nap (yippee!). then we went for dinner to a delicious mexican restaurant that we haven't been to before. the food was wonderful and it is absolutely beautiful inside. after dinner we came home for cake......and presents. some of which were picked out completely by the kids (those are the best in my book).

my husband also got me a totally cool present that i have wanted for two years and i can't believe that he bought it...but i won't bore you with that story here and now. i am totally blessed. today was perfect.


Blogger amy said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I'm so glad it was such a perfect day!

4:20 AM

Blogger Xia said...

Happy Birthday you young thing!

12:43 PM

Anonymous Beth said...

30? Only 30? Happy Birthday from an old reader. ;)

3:51 PM


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