Monday, September 10, 2007

And Of Course He Provides

well, this past sunday was a day to remind me that even though i feel as if i haven't heard His voice for about eight months and i can't explain why it seems all hope is lost and then there's a glimmer of hope and then that is squelched too...He is still providing. here's the story. as i think you're all aware, we homeschool. now, it's nowhere near the expense of a private school, but with bills and whatnot just wonder where the money for extra school activities is going to come from. i had just mentioned to The Big Guy during my shower (my favorite prayer time by far) that i wasn't sure how we were going to pay for two of my daughter's activities. later that day somebody called unexpectedly and purchased some of my jewelry from my etsy shop. i was ecstatic just because i sold something and then i realized that what i sold was what i needed to pay for the activities, to the exact penny. God is good. and then a terrific friend took care of our family's physical needs and more. and if that wasn't enough, another friend called and asked if she could do some shopping for me that she didn't even know i needed done, but i had realized i wouldn't be able to get done. it's all these little things that serve to remind me to "remember the lillies of the field." i may feel like He has abandoned me and all that seems important and i hold dear appears to be spiraling out of control but He hasn't left me, and He won't...ever.


Blogger Xia said...

God is SO GOOD! Your post turned off my financial worries for the moment. I thank you for that!
Stephanie (Xia's Mommy)

8:13 AM


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